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center officials did not react

2023 03 28T095718Z 1816706973 RC2U20ALC2X3 RTRMADP 3 MEXICO IMMIGRATION FIRE

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Mexican authorities announced on Wednesday the opening of a “homicide” investigation and the identification of eight people suspected of being responsible for the death of 39 migrants in the fire that broke out on Tuesday in a detention center in Ciudad Juarez. Nothing was done to evacuate the victims, said the prosecutor.

An investigation has been opened for “homicide” in Mexico where eight people have been identified as suspected responsible for the deaths of 39 migrants in a detention center of a federal institute in Ciudad Juarez at the gates of the United States, indicated on Wednesday 29 march the Mexican authorities.

“None of the officials nor any of the private security police took any action to open the door for the migrants who were inside while there was fire,” the rights prosecutor said. Sara Irene Herrerías Guerra at a press conference the day after the incident. An investigation has been opened for “homicide” and “injury”, she added, without ruling out other crimes.

Eight suspected perpetrators have been identified, added Public Security Minister Rosa Icela Rodriguez. They are three agents from the National Institute for Migration (INM) and five members of a private security company, she explained.

Four arrest warrants

At least four arrest warrants will be requested from the judges this Wednesday, said the prosecutor. The prosecutor confirmed the authenticity of a 32-second video broadcast by several media including AFP. “This video is part of the investigation file,” she said.

These CCTV images show the start of the fire in the night from Monday to Tuesday. Behind bars, in the smoke, a man kicks against a closed door while another appears to put a mattress on the floor. In the foreground, on the other side of the cell, three officers, two of whom are in uniform, retire with their backs to them, without giving them assistance.

The Mexican president had assured Wednesday Tuesday that there would be “no impunity” in the tragedy of the detention center of Ciudad Juarez. “We are not going to hide anything and there is not going to be impunity,” said President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

At first, the Mexican president had estimated that the migrants had lit the fire with mattresses in a movement of “protest”. “We assume that they learned that they were going to be deported, moved,” he said on Tuesday a few hours after this tragedy, unprecedented in facilities for migrants in Mexico.

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