China simulates strikes against ‘key targets’ in Taiwan


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On the second day of Chinese military exercises around Taiwan, Beijing sent its army to carry out simulated “precision strikes” against “key targets on the island of Taiwan and surrounding waters”. Maneuvers closely followed and denounced by Taipei.

China simulated strikes against “key targets” in Taiwan on Sunday (April 9th), marking a second day of “total encirclement” exercises scheduled until Monday and presented by Beijing as a “serious warning” to the authorities from the island. These tensions come after the meeting of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen with a senior American official.

Called “Joint Sword”, the operation was strongly denounced by Taiwan and the United States called on Beijing to “restrain”. They assured to keep “open” the channels of communication with China.

Fighter planes and bombers

On Sunday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry detected nine Chinese warships and 58 aircraft around the island, after spotting as many boats and 71 aircraft the previous day.

He claimed to track the movements of the Chinese military through a “joint intelligence and reconnaissance system”, saying fighter jets and bombers were among the flying devices detected until noon local time (0400 GMT). ).

Also on Sunday, the Chinese military simulated “precision strikes” against “key targets on the island of Taiwan and surrounding waters”, involving dozens of aircraft and ground troops, according to state television. ‘State.

Destroyers, fast missile launchers, fighter planes, tankers and jammers are notably mobilized according to Beijing.

The United States tries to reassure

These maneuvers were launched after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s meeting in California on Wednesday with Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, to which Beijing had promised to react with “firm and forceful” measures.

They aim to establish Chinese capabilities to “take control of the sea, airspace and information (…) in order to create deterrence and total encirclement” of Taiwan, Chinese television said on Saturday. .

China views Taiwan as a province it has yet to successfully reunite with the rest of its territory since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

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The maneuvers “serve as a serious warning against collusion between separatist forces seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ and outside forces, as well as their provocative activities”, warned a spokesman for the Chinese army, Shi Yi.

Washington reiterated its call on Saturday “not to change the status quo”. “We are confident that we have sufficient resources and capabilities in the region to ensure peace and stability,” the State Department said.

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