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Coastal town loses millions of income in one month after oil tanker sank in Philippine waters

“Fishermen in this village have lost their livelihoods due to an oil spill. Our problem is how to meet our daily needs.

Jordan, who became a fisherman at the age of seven, also used 200,000 pesos of his life’s savings to build and complete a new boat just weeks before the oil spill.

His plans to use a new boat and net for this summer fishing season will have to be put on hold for now.

“If you don’t use it for a long time, the boat will break. The heat will crack the wood,” said Jordan.

It’s no longer a fishing spot.

Where the sunken tanker is located is a rich fishing ground marked by handmade buoys secured with coconut shells that attract fish.

Prior to the oil spill, fishermen from nearby villages benefited from the variety of fish in the area and earned around 30,000 pesos in a good month.

In just one visit to the site, you can get about 100 kg of fish.

Twice a week, these trips start before dawn and several fishermen on a boat split the proceeds.

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