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Deep freezing of corpses: Growing interest in freezing methods in Asia with growing population and income

PROCEDURES Expensive to preserve the body

Regarding the growing interest, Cryonics Institute president Dennis Kowalski said: “Many people choose cryonics because, in a way, you have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“There is no guarantee that freezing will eventually work as planned, but many astute people argue that if you do not sign up for this clinical trial and you are buried or cremated instead, you will surely die forever.

“People are choosing to take the chance that clinical trials or trials of cryonics will work.”

Noting how cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillators are often used to “feed” the dead, said Kowalski, a firefighter and paramedic, “So this has implications. meaning. The impossible has become the norm.”

In cryogenic facilities, bodies are usually stored inside giant stainless steel tanks face down with liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius.

Body water is replaced with cryoprotectant, a medical-grade antifreeze that helps prevent ice crystals from forming and damaging the body’s cells.

Experts say that in this state, a body can be preserved for decades.

However, the procedure is not cheap.

It takes about $200,000 on average to freeze a whole body, but frugal futurists can preserve only their brains for $80,000.

“It is an expensive product. I mean these days…everyone wants a home, everyone wants a car,” said Mr Brown, adding that funding methods for membership include using life insurance. .

“So we wanted to try making it the third must-have item. So I mean, we want to make it mainstream. Life insurance is a tool.”

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