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Emmanuel Macron wants a bill on the “end of life” before the end of the summer

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Wishing to set up a “French model of the end of life”, the president returned to the government and parliamentarians, Monday, the task of defining the content of a bill on the question.

Emmanuel Macron asked, Monday, April 3, the government and Parliament to jointly prepare a bill on the “end of life” before the end of the summer.

The Head of State spoke during a speech at the Elysée, where he received the members of the citizens’ convention on the end of life.

This convention, which brought together 184 participants, voted mostly in favor of a form of active assistance in dying (AAM) under conditions, according to its final report published on Sunday after three months of discussions.

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Current end-of-life legislation is set by the Claeys-Leonetti law of 2016. This law authorizes “prolonged and continuous sedation”, in other words a definitive plunge into unconsciousness, for patients in a desperate state in the short term. term and whose suffering is intolerable. But it does not go so far as to authorize “active assistance in dying”, that is to say either an act of euthanasia by a caregiver, or assistance in suicide.

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