deepfake 1

How to spot “deepfakes”?

Anthony Saint Léger - Info or Intox 2023
Anthony Saint Léger – Info or Intox 2023 © France 24

To make say, or do what you want, to whom you want: this is the principle of “deepfakes”. Whether humorous or manipulative, these digital tricks are increasingly common on social networks. And it is possible, thanks to a few techniques, to learn how to spot them.

On the occasion of the Week of the press and the media in the school in France, Info or Intox carries out a special edition. In this excerpt, Anthony Saint-Léger, journalist at France 24, helps you flush out “deepfakes”, a digital synthesis technique based onartificial intelligence allowing to superimpose existing video or audio files on other video files, and thus to make say anything to anyone.

You can find other tips for spotting graphic manipulations in the Observer Verification Guide, or learn more about the danger of “deepfakes” by consulting this video.

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