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In Ukraine, volunteers collect the abandoned bodies of Russian soldiers

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By evacuating the Ukrainian territories it occupied, the Russian army left behind thousands of dead soldiers. Since then, small groups of Ukrainian volunteers, both military and civilian, have been trying to find them to send them back to Russia. A report from the Kharkiv region by Gulliver Cragg.

Please note that some images in the report may be shocking.

Maxime and Juriste volunteered to recover the bodies of abandoned Russian soldiers in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. They do this to exchange them for the remains of Ukrainian soldiers, but also to avoid environmental pollution and to collect evidence that can be used in future war crimes trials.

“With the first bodies found, it sure did something to me, like everyone else. But after having transported a hundred or more, it doesn’t matter to me anymore”, testifies Maxime.

By sending these dead soldiers back to Russia and making the Russians aware that the human losses are important, the two men also hope to see a protest movement rise up against Vladimir Putin’s war.


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