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Israel strikes Syria after rocket fire

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The Israeli army announced that it had carried out strikes against military targets in Syria after rockets were fired overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the direction of territories controlled by Israel.

Israel announced on the night of Saturday April 9 to Sunday April 10 that it had struck Syria in response to rocket fire towards the annexed part of the Golan Heights, after similar fire from neighboring Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in recent days.

Israeli artillery targeted “the region of Syria from which rockets were fired”, the Israeli army reported, indicating that it also used a drone.

A Syrian military source interviewed by the official Syrian Sana news agency confirmed the Israeli fire: “At approximately 0500 this morning (0200 GMT), the Israeli enemy fired several projectiles from the occupied Golan, targeting several areas of the southern Syria.

These strikes caused “material damage”, said this source, adding that some projectiles had been “intercepted” by the Syrian anti-aircraft defense.

Syrian state media reported explosions near Damascus, as Israel announced that its forces were continuing their strikes in Syria.

Resurgence of violence

These developments come against a backdrop of renewed violence in the Middle East. Two anti-Israeli attacks killed three people on Friday.

According to the Israeli army, at least one of the rockets fired from Syria was intercepted by the Israeli air defense and two fell in wastelands in the part of the Golan annexed by Israel after being conquered in 1967.

It is a strategic region, patrolled by its soldiers and also bordering Lebanon.

On Thursday, around 30 rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel, injuring one person and causing material damage. The Israeli army retaliated by carrying out strikes on Gaza and southern Lebanon.

The Israeli army claimed that the unclaimed shots from Lebanon were “Palestinian”, and most likely from the Islamist movement Hamas, in power in the Gaza Strip. This is an unprecedented escalation on the Israeli-Lebanese front since 2006.

The two countries are technically in a state of war after different conflicts and the ceasefire line is controlled by the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL), deployed in southern Lebanon.

On the Syrian side, Israel has recently intensified its raids targeting in particular the positions of pro-Iran groups, its number one enemy.

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