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‘It’s hard to believe we ever went to war with them’: US veteran reflects on Vietnam War 50 years later

He was one of many veterans honored at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC on Wednesday (March 29), 50 years after the end of one of the country’s long wars. most in US history.

The annual Vietnam National Veterans Day honors the soldiers who served in the conflict and the tens of thousands who lost their lives.

The day brings mixed memories of trauma and relief to former prisoners of war (POW), detained until the signing of the peace treaty.


Recounting the dark days, Mr. Brazelton said that after his arrest, he was imprisoned for nearly 7 years, including many months in solitary confinement. Without contact with the outside world, he was interrogated and tortured.

“We’re the only Americans they can get their hands on, so every time there’s a bomb attack, they’ll hit us,” he said.

“You can be shackled or handcuffed behind your back for weeks. Literally every week.”

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