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Putin knows how to fight boredom

cartoon hermann suisse

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During their recent meeting in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin showered his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping with praise, in particular hailing his “fair and balanced position on international issues”. A finding that Washington does not share, which accuses the Chinese authorities of considering delivering weapons to Russia, which the latter deny. And some experts even believe that Beijing could take inspiration from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to take control of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping was unsurprisingly re-elected on March 10 to the presidency of China for an unprecedented third five-year term, in a unanimous vote of deputies in favor of the 69-year-old leader. Ten days later, he made an official visit to Moscow. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping then praised the entry into a “new era” of their “special” relationship with the West, the Russian president cautiously supporting the Chinese plan to settle the conflict in Ukraine, while accusing Kiev of rejecting it.

At the end of the meeting between the two leaders, Vladimir Putin reiterated Moscow’s support for Beijing about Taiwan, where recent visits by US officials have drawn the ire of China. “We condemn the provocation of the United States,” said the Russian president, stressing that Moscow adheres to the principle of “one China” which wants Taiwan to be an integral part of Chinese territory.

THE designer Gerald Herrmann began his career in 1987 at Courrier de Genève before joining the editorial staff of La Liberté de Fribourg, L’Hebdo and SonntagsZeitung. Herrmann currently draws for the Tribune de Genève. He is also the author of several albums.

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