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the outgoing elected officials in the lead in the 1st round in three partial legislative elections

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The French living outside France were called to vote again on Sunday to elect their deputies in the 2nd, 8th and 9th constituencies. The outgoing elected officials – Leonore Caroit, Meyer Habib and Karim Ben Cheikh – came out on top in these three elections. The second round of these by-elections will take place on April 16.

The outgoing deputies arrived firmly in the lead in the first round of the three partial legislative elections organized in the constituencies of French people living abroad. The results of the second round will be known on April 16.

In the 8th constituency, which brings together several countries around the Mediterranean, including Israel, Italy, Greece and Turkey, Meyer Habib, a close associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, came out on top. The related outgoing LR collected 38.35% of the vote.

He will face, as in June, the macronist Deborah Abisror de Lieme, qualified with 24.67% of the votes cast, according to the provisional results available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His election in June 2022 had been invalidated by the Constitutional Council for “irregularities”, after the state body noted “manoeuvres” by its sympathizers “likely to alter the sincerity of the ballot”.

Karim Ben Cheikh in the lead for the Maghreb and West Africa

In the 2nd constituency, which brings together countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, the outgoing Macronist Éleonore Caroit won 38.95% of the vote. She will again face the LFI candidate of Nupes Christian Rodriguez, qualified with 26.23% of the votes cast.

In the 9th constituency, French people established in the Maghreb and West Africa, the outgoing environmentalist and Nupes candidate Karim Ben Cheikh is very far ahead with 43.24% of the vote, distancing the Macronist candidate Caroline Traverse, qualified with 16.31% of the votes cast, according to the provisional results.

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