What we know: Leak of classified US documents

WASHINGTON: The apparent leak of a trove of top-secret U.S. documents — many of them related to the Ukraine conflict — has sparked a criminal investigation as well as multiple agency efforts to assess the situation. evaluate the likelihood of consequences.

The origin of the leaked documents remains unknown and as of Monday (April 10), the Department of Defense is still working to assess their authenticity, although it has acknowledged that they appear to be such as containing confidential, sensitive documents.

The data has been online for weeks or maybe even longer, though it only gained widespread media attention earlier this month. Here’s what we know so far about the breach:


Many are involved in the war in Ukraine. One page provides information on the state of the conflict in early March, including Russian and Ukrainian casualties, while the other details the situation on specific fronts such as battle cities. Bakhmut school.

Another page provides information on Ukraine’s air defense system, which is key to countering Russian missile and drone attacks, while another details the efforts. international force to build up Kiev’s military force.

Other documents not related to Ukraine. For example, some point to US surveillance of its allies, such as a statement that leaders of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency support domestic protests against a Israel’s controversial judicial reform plan that would give lawmakers more control over the supreme court.


The Pentagon said it was working to “evaluate the validity of photographed documents circulating on social media sites”, but acknowledged they “appear to contain classified and sensitive material”. High”.

At least one document appears to have been manipulated to say that Ukraine suffered more casualties than Russia, while the original version clearly says the opposite is true.

But US officials believe many of the documents are real.

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